Shotgun Play-Action Passing Schemes

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Ron West
48 minutes
Shotgun Play-Action Passing Schemes presents a philosophical overview and an in-depth analysis of the basic fundamentals, techniques, and blocking schemes necessary to execute play-action passes from multiple formations as complements to the counter and zone plays in the shotgun offense. The DVD explains and illustrates how this scheme is designed to sell the shotgun zone and counter schemes and then boot away from the zone and counter fakes with a pass-run option. Pass protection and pass routes are also covered in detail.

Among the topics covered:
  • play-action off zone fake vs. odd front
  • Play-action off zone fake vs. even front
  • Play-action off counter fake vs. odd front
  • Play-action off counter fake vs. even front
  • Calling passes in the no-huddle offense
  • Line calls to counter specific defensive techniques