Specialty Skills and Drills for Special Teams

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Bill Coach Shack Shackelford
126 minutes
Specialty Skills and Drills for Special Teams presents a detailed overview of the basic aspects involved in a sound kicking game. Featuring a step-by-step teaching progression, the DVD covers the key coaching points for developing the snapper, holder, punter, and placekicker. The DVD also includes a series of game-tested drills for enhancing the essential fundamentals and techniques for each of the four critical special teams role positions.

Among the topics covered:
  • Deep-snapper stance
  • Deep-snap grip
  • Snapping the football
  • The complete snap
  • Throwing drills for snappers
  • Weighted-ball drill
  • Goal-post drill
  • Long-ball drill
  • Wet-ball drill 15-second drill
  • Holding for field goal/PAT
  • Using the knee as a backstop
  • Holding the final phase
  • Drills for holders
  • Stretching for kickers
  • Stance for punter
  • Catching the football
  • Setting the football
  • Grip techniques
  • The drop
  • The contact phase
  • Follow-through
  • Steps for punters
  • Flight path of the football
  • Dry kicks
  • Partner-catch drill
  • Line drops
  • Cone drill
  • Line drill
  • Target punting
  • Bad-snap drill
  • Pressure-cooker drill
  • Back-up drill
  • Placekicking plant foot
  • Set-up
  • Steps
  • Putting set-up altogether
  • Kicking the football
  • Drills for placekickers