Punt Team Skills and Drills

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Jeff Reinebold
67 minutes
Punt Team Skills and Drills provides an overview of the key factors involved in the punt game. The DVD details the fundamentals, techniques, schemes, and drills that it takes to maximize field position in the punt-game and to safely and effectively transition the ball from the punting team's offense to its opponent's offense. The DVD also includes a series of game-tested developmental drills that coaches can use to help ensure that they have a successful punt team.

Among the topics covered:
  • Spread-punt formation
  • Punt-protection principles
  • Punt-protection schemes
  • Punt protection techniques
  • Overload look
  • Twist
  • Fullback redirect
  • Wing play
  • Punt-protection drills
  • Punt coverage
  • Escape drill
  • 4-on-4 aggressor drill
  • ½ line ½ finish
  • Leverage drill
  • Pursuit drill
  • Gunner drill
  • Cone drill
  • Hack drill
  • Steal second
  • Single drill