Sport Speed and Agility Training (Second Edition)

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John Cissik, Michael Barnes
260 pages

Provides comprehensive and practical discussion of the application of speed and agility to an athlete's training program. Learn from two of the industry's most renowned experts how to implement a research-based speed and agility training regimen, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and programming. Breaks down speed and agility into manageable components and analyzes those components to give coaches and athletes a strategic and methodical approach to training. With proper training, a slow athlete can become faster, a fast athlete can become even faster, and a good athlete can become great! This book has two basic parts. Part I covers the information that a coach or athlete needs to have to design and implement successful speed and agility programs. Part II offers specific examples of speed and agility training programs for several sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, rugby, and soccer) that rely heavily on speed and agility for success. The second edition also includes a companion DVD that explains each exercise and drill that is discussed in the text.