Surface to Air System: Locked RPOs–How and Why

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Rich Hargitt
49 minutes
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Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovative leader in the Run Pass Option Offense (RPO), discusses the “Locked RPO System.” Coach Hargitt outlines the “How and Why” of the Locked RPO, while demonstrating ways to move all three levels of defense, both pre and post snap. Hargitt also details why RPOs are successful vs. talented and athletic defenses, as well as against top defensive coordinators that design schemes against high scoring offenses. Coach Hargitt stresses that this offense is “Easy to Run and Hard to Defend,” while diagramming plays to illustrate his ideas.

Topics covered include:

• Creating plays to attack the 3 levels of defense
• Reading linebackers in the RPO
• Creating time for the quarterback
• Maintaining offensive balance
• “Attacking the grass”
• Playing with tempo
• Using RPO to reduce turnovers
• Attacking the defense’s weaknesses
• Getting the ball to your best athletes
• Make the red zone matter