Window Dressing for RPOs in the Surface to Air System

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Rich Hargitt
53 minutes
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Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovative leader in the Run Pass Option Offense (RPO), covers the “Window Dressing for RPO.” Coach Hargitt outlines how to attack the holes in the defense while also forcing the defense to defend the entire field. Hargitt also shows how the RPO can reduce turnovers, increase tempo on offense, and how to attack defensive formations, while disguising offensive plays. Coach Hargitt includes film and play diagrams to support his RPO formations and play calling. By utilizing an “Easy to Run, Hard to Defend” offense, Hargitt shows how all coaches can implement the RPO to be successful.

Topics covered include:

• Developing the RPO for your personnel
• Staying physical in the RPO offense
• Running different plays out of the same formations
• Reducing turnovers
• Attacking the blitz
• Developing offensive tempo
• Simplifying play calling
• Neutralizing the strengths of a defense
• Getting your best athletes into space
• “Practicing fast to play fast”