Taking Candy From A Baby: Scoring at the Low Post

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Swen Nater
29 minutes
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Swen Nater discusses what basketball coaches can do to enhance the ability of their post players to score when they’re in the low post. The video reviews several of the low-post offensive moves that successful post players often have, including the sky hook, counter move, and the “spall” move. The video emphasizes the fact that post players should first determine their strengths and then decide how they can best attack the basket in the low post. The video also details how post players can effectively employ faking to get open. Finally, the video points out that post players should choose shots that take advantage of their body size and skillsets, as well as develop one primary move and one dominant move.

Among the topics covered:

• The sky-hook
• Find your strength
• Developing a counter-move
• Fine-tuning the fake
• The “Spall” move