You Can't Score If You Don't Have the Ball: How to Get Open in the Post

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Swen Nater
27 minutes

Swen Nater addresses what post players need to do to get open enough to get the ball in the post. The video covers what post players need to do to get open from different positions, including the low post, going across the key, and going down the lane. The video features techniques commonly employed by successful big men in the NBA. The video also explains the advantages of offensive post players utilizing a sideways stance when they’re stationed in the paint. In addition, the video points out the need to teach post players how to reverse, a proven technique for freeing them up to enhance their ability to score. Furthermore, the video discusses how post players can make themselves a better target for receiving the ball. Finally, the video examines what post players can do once they get the ball in the low post.

Among the topics covered:

• Getting Open in the Low Post
• The Sideway Stance
• The Reverse
• Getting Open Going Across the Key
• Getting Open Going Down the Lane
• Scoring in the Low Post

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