Teaching a Blitz-Beating Progression

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Dan Robinson
63 minutes
Teaching a Blitz-Beating Progression examines a game-tested thought progression that quarterbacks can use in defeating pressure defenses and blitz coverages with no free safety or surprise situations from disguised coverages. The uncovered principle is addressed in detail, using several examples from a multiple pro pass offense. Quarterback recognition is emphasized, and principles of attacking the blitz are taught that can be incorporated into most offenses. The concepts of calling in a blocker and the various means available to do so, along with the strategic considerations of where to place the blocker in the protection in order to achieve success in the various plans of attack, are reviewed. The DVD also features an overview of sight-adjustment principles and several different options for attacking pressure coverages.

Among the topics covered:
  • Dealing with the blitz
  • Recognizing cover O man blitz
  • Defeating a cover O man blitz
  • Quarterback's thought process
  • Uncovered principle
  • Basic protection philosophy
  • Blitz packages
  • Sight adjustments