Tennis for Older Adults

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Ingeborg McGlynn & George McGlynn
146 pages

Tennis for Older Adults: Skills and Basic Strategy & Wellness Tips, by Ingeborg McGlynn and George McGlynn, is an engaging new book designed to provide you with simple, logical, and individualized approach to develop and maintain sound wellness along with tennis skills and fitness. To alert you to the nature of these physical changes, reduce anxiety, and maintain and increase your skill and enjoyment of the game of tennis.

The book will also give you some uncomplicated pointers and good ideas on offense and defensive strategy, common problems with ground strokes, serve, and volley, and a examination of errors that over the years may have crept into your game. In addition, you will find special programs to increase strength, endurance, and balance. Hopefully, this information will give you that extra edge to play more efficiently without trying to change your stokes that have been an essential part of your tennis game for a long time.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Aging Changes That Can Affect Your Game
Chapter 2: The Basic Stroke Technique
Chapter 3: The Serve
Chapter 4: Serving Team’s Strategy
Chapter 5: Receiving Team’s Strategy
Chapter 6: Common Tennis Challenges
Chapter 7: Coaching Guidelines
Chapter 8: Balance, Warm-Up, and Flexibility
Chapter 9: Tennis Endurance and Strength
Chapter 10: Tennis Nutrition
Chapter 11: Dealing With Normal Physical Aging and Chronic Illness
Chapter 12: Tennis Risk Factors

What others are saying:

Tennis for Older Adults: Skills and Basic Strategy & Wellness Tips is a fantastic book regarding the senior player. It’s so thorough that, while its target audience is the older tennis player, it’s a must read for every tennis player. There has been no stone left unturned for the senior tennis player to contemplate: technical, strategic, medical, social, the tennis
professional’s role, and mental wellness. This book is written with love and caring and indeed has a special place for all tennis players.
 -Claudia Vlasak
  USTA Tournament Director/San Francisco Recreation & Parks
  USTA Assistant Tournament Director/Bay Club SF Tennis
  PTR Tennis Certification
  YTA Administrative Director

This book is a gem. For all of us who cherish the game of tennis and want to stay in the game for life, this is our guide. The book provides simple and practical adjustments to avoid injuries, maintain your skills, and stay healthy on and off the courts.
 -Victoria Watts
  USTA 4.5 player and mother of two aspiring tennis players

This book provides senior tennis players with vital information that will help maintain and improve their skill and enjoyment of the game. The book includes valuable pointers on serving, ground strokes, and defense, as well as important advice on wellness and fitness problems associated with aging.
 -Tom Crawford
  Still an active player at age 80

Tennis for Older Adults will be of great interest to senior tennis players. It offers concrete action and options for dealing with the physical and emotional barriers that can affect a senior’s game. The book also includes helpful reminders regarding basic strokes and strategy in a clear, easily digestible format.
 -Lin Ishihara
  Longtime senior tennis player and high school tennis coach