Yoga and Yoga Stretches for Tennis

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Rick Devereux
80 minutes

As a tennis player, tennis coach, and yoga teacher, Rick Devereux has experienced first-hand what yoga can do for your tennis game—both mental and physical—as well as for your health and sense of well-being. Appropriate for tennis players of all ages and ability levels, Yoga and Yoga Stretches for Tennis offers something for everyone:

  • Non-yogis will learn an improved way to loosen-up in five minutes before hitting balls, thereby lengthening and energizing their muscles which not only allows them to perform more safely and effectively, but also to relax both physical and mental tension
  • Individuals looking for longer yoga routines will learn how to improve strength, flexibility, and balance on the court
  • Individuals in need of spot work on tennis trouble areas, from the neck down, will learn helpful stretches

The setting for the first on-court segments is one of the premier tennis facilities in the world—the Longwood Cricket Club outside Boston, host to national tournaments. The DVD features renowned tennis commentator Bud Collins, who opens the DVD with a welcome, setting the scene for you to experience yoga. Rick’s able cast of “players” includes Harvard varsity tennis coach, Dave Fish, and some of his finest past and current players, as well as various club players, some of whom you will be able to relate to closely enough to appreciate what you can do when you get started. So, relax and enjoy yourself. As Rick is quick to point out, learning and playing go well when you are having a good time. You will not need to learn Sanskrit names and commit yourself to years of apprenticeship in order to learn how to do yoga correctly. As the DVD emphasizes: “Yoga is for anyone, any time, any place.”