The 3-2 HEX Defense: Stopping the Inside Run

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Kevin Navarra
41 minutes
The 3-2 HEX Defense: Stopping the Inside Run explains why the underlying philosophical focus of this gap-control defensive scheme is being able to stop the run. The DVD points out the five basic goals of the 3-2 HEX defense against the run. The DVD also reviews the alignment rules for the three defensive linemen, as well as outlines a tool box that coaches can use to teach their defensive linemen in the 3-2 HEX, which includes their stance keys, reactions, reads, and techniques. In addition, the DVD details a coaching tool box for both the inside and the outside linebacker.

Among the topics covered:
  • Inside run: 3-2 HEX philosophy
  • 3-2 HEX defensive goals vs. run
  • Defensive line: heavy front
  • Defensive line: tool box
  • End/nose/end: tool box
  • ILB: Mike/Will: tool box
  • OLB: Thor/Hammer: tool box
  • Video clips-FB trap
  • Video clips-weakside/ISO tag
  • Video clips-G trap
  • Video clips-E.T. lead
  • Video clips-TB counter