The Baseball Coaches' Guide to Motivation-The Fuel That Enhances Performance

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Bob Morgan
48 minutes

Getting their athletes to consistently play to the best of their abilities is one of the fundamental goals of baseball coaches at all competitive levels. The Baseball Coaches’ Guide to Motivation— The Fuel That Enhances Performance provides a compelling resource for anyone who wants to better understand the underlying factors involved in effective motivation. The DVD points out three different types of motivation and details how individuals can set and attain their goals. The
DVD also reviews the seven principles that are essential to success in life.

Among the topics covered:

• Fear
• Self-esteem
• Incentives
• Establish goals
• Seven principles of holding the rope— #1 hustle
• #2 Enthusiasm
• #3 Intensity
• #4 Attitude
• #5 Care about winning as much as I do
• #6 Discipline
• #7 Loyalty
• How do you improve focus and concentration?
• How high should you set your goals?
• How do you track hitting success?