The Basketball Coaches' Guide to Using a Master Schedule for Organization

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Charles Breithaupt
88 pages
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The Basketball Coaches' Guide to Using a Master Schedule for Organization provides coaches at every level with a master plan for developing a successful program. Dr. Breithaupt was a Hall of Fame high school coach who provides keen observations on all aspects of the game. Coaches will gain great insight beginning with this first volume of instruction.

Teaching and learning are ongoing endeavors for both player and coach. Remember to keep things simple. Basketball is not brain surgery. As one great basketball sage once said: On offense go where they are not, and on defense go where they are.

Hopefully, you will capture the simplicity of the game through this series. I only wish I had this volume on organization when I was a coach. Enjoy the book, and best of luck on and off the court.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Offense
Chapter 2: Defense
Chapter 3: Rebounding
Chapter 4: Conversion
Chapter 5: Free Throw Alignment
Chapter 6: Jump Ball Situations
Chapter 7: Out-of-Bounds Situations
Chapter 8: Playing the Clock
Chapter 9: Conditioning
Chapter 10: Evaluation
Chapter 11: Rules
Chapter 12: Game Organization
Chapter 13: Communication
Chapter 14: Public Relations
Chapter 15: Schedule
Chapter 16: Assistant Coaches
Chapter 17: Student Assistants and Managers

What others are saying:

Coach Breithaupt has written what we all must know. Our failure to prepare is doing nothing but making sure we are preparing to fail. With the organizational guidelines and procedures outlined in his book, failure can be eliminated. I would highly recommend this book to be used on a daily basis by any coach at any level as a guideline for success.
-Billy Gillispie, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Ranger College, former coach at the University of Kentucky and Texas A&M University

Charles Breithaupt is one of the most organized persons in the world. His success at every level is amazing and much of it is tied to his ability to multitask. His unique way of keeping everything in order and taking care of business at hand is uncanny and appreciated by many. This is a book that I have to have.
-Larry Brown, Assistant Coach, Texas Tech University, former president of the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches, two-time high school state championship coach

Coaches know that organization is a most essential component of success! Dr. Breithaupt’s book is a must read.
-Kenny Hoffpauir, Director, Texas Prep Basketball School, veteran coach with more than 600 wins

As a player, I was not able to truly appreciate the amount of organization and preparation that Coach Breithaupt put into our basketball program at Hardin-Jefferson. However, as a high school basketball coach of 21 years, I now realize and fully appreciate the importance of being organized as a coach. I draw from Coach B’s thoughts, ideas, organization, and preparation daily in my own career. His attention to detail was a large part of our success.
-Clay Davis, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, Hardin-Jefferson High School (TX), former player for Coach Breithaupt

One thing that I learned from Charles is that you need to be prepared for every situation. There needs to be a segment of your practice time each week that is devoted to every possible situation that might occur during the game. I have found that if you do this once a week you will not have to draw anything up in the sand and your players will be fully prepared.
-Todd Sutherland, Head Boys’ Basketball Coach, East Chambers High School (TX), 700 wins, two state titles, former assistant to Coach Breithaupt