The Elite Wrestler

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Keith Manos
90 pages
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Most coaches, regardless of the sport, probably yearn to train the elite athlete. These athletes are special for many reasons, and even to the uninformed observer, they are often easy to spot. Elite wrestlers are no exception, and The Elite Wrestler identifies the fourteen key character traits of champion wrestlers based on profiles of many of the greatest competitors man’s oldest sport has ever seen.

The Elite Wrestler is for those wrestlers who want to raise themselves to elite wrestler status. This book is for coaches who currently train elite wrestlers and for those coaches who want to transform average wrestlers to good wrestlers, good wrestlers to great, and great wrestlers into elite competitors. This book is for athletic directors who want to elevate both the physical and mental skills of the athletes who compete in all the sports in their schools (but primarily the wrestlers).This book is for any educator who wants a better understanding of wrestlers to assist them in developing into adults who are physically and mentally prepared for all the challenges they may confront both inside and outside of school. And this book is for the parent/guardians of wrestlers who want to support their son or daughter’s wrestling career either at the club (youth), middle school, high school, college, or post-college level so the wrestler can find that experience to be rewarding and productive.

The Elite Wrestler offers anecdotes, research, reflections, and interviews to identify the specific qualities of a top performer in wrestling. This book provides all readers a detailed profile of an elite wrestler and the characteristics all wrestlers can adopt to improve their performance and succeed on the mat.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Committed
Chapter 2: Motivated
Chapter 3: Diligent
Chapter 4: Athletic
Chapter 5: Intense
Chapter 6: Coachable
Chapter 7: Optimistic
Chapter 8: Physical
Chapter 9: Technical
Chapter 10: Determined
Chapter 11: Goal-oriented
Chapter 12: Focused
Chapter 13: Persistent
Chapter 14: Egotistical


Keith Manos has been honored as Ohio’s Wrestling Coach of the Year (1988) and Ohio’s English Teacher of the Year (2000). During his coaching tenure, he was named head coach of the USA All-Star Wrestling Team (1989), head coach of the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team (1991), and head coach of numerous all-star wrestling teams in the Cleveland and Toledo areas. In a 13-year coaching career, 29 of his wrestlers qualified for the state tournament, where three of those wrestlers won individual titles and 16 others placed. He has authored eight books for teachers and coaches, along with nearly 100 articles, and has conducted in-service teaching workshops and coaching clinics for schools across the Midwest.