The Linebacker Coaches Handbook

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Jason Haddock
41 minutes
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Jason Haddock, Defensive Coordinator at Fort Bend Clements High School in Texas, dives deep into linebacker play with The Linebacker Coaches Handbook. Filmed at the 2020 AFCA Conference, Coach Haddock discusses linebacker play from A to Z. Coach Haddock covers his philosophy behind linebacker play, from fundamentals to base coverages, to defending specific formations and plays. Haddock additionally discusses how to motivate your players on the field, in the weight room, and in the classroom. To finish, Coach Haddock hosts a question and answer session with the coaches in the audience on how to implement his schemes into your defensive game-plan.

Topics covered include:

• Developing Linebackers
• Creating Positive Relationships with your Athletes
• Footwork and Fundamentals
• Defensive Formations/Schemes
• Adjusting Schemes to fit your Personnel
• Linebacker Responsibilities in Run Plays vs. Pass Plays
• Base Coverages
• Specific Coverages based on Offensive Formations
• Linebacker Blitzes