Coaching Linebackers: By the Experts (Second Edition)

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Earl Browning
255 pages

In this new edition, twenty top coaches address virtually every aspect of coaching the linebacker.

Articles include:

• Linebacker Drills and Techniques, Barry Alvarez, University of Wisconsin
• Linebacker Drills and Techniques, Craig Aukerman, Miami University
• Fundamentals of Coaching Linebackers, Jay Bateman, Elon University
• Defensive Concepts and Coaching Linebackers, John Chavis, Louisiana State University
• Linebacker Drills and Pass Coverage, Bill Doba, Washington State University
• Linebacker Techniques and Drills, Mark Gale, Marshall University
• Linebacker Play in the 3-4 Defense, Al Groh, University of Virginia
• Linebackers in the 4-3 Scheme, Rick Lantz, University of Virginia
• Linebacker Techniques and Drills, Mike Major, University of Kentucky
• Outside Linebacker Pass Rush Techniques, Bobby Morrison, University of Michigan
• Linebacker Play and Defensive Fronts, Fred Pagac, The Ohio State University
• Linebacker Fundamentals and Reads, Reggie Johnson, University of Louisville
• Basic Linebacker Drills and Techniques, Reggie Johnson, University of Arkansas
• Big Plays by Outside Linebackers, Willy Robinson, Fresno State University
• Linebacker Techniques and Drills, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State University
• Linebacker Techniques and Drills