The Ultimate Football Coaching Manual: By the Experts (Second Edition)

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Earl Browning
436 pages

Featuring articles by 50 of the most respected coaches in the history of the game, The Ultimate Football Coaching Manual: By the Experts (Second Edition) covers virtually every aspect of football. The second edition includes new articles by Nick Saban on coaching points for today's athletes; Pete Carroll on defensive philosophy; Chris Ault on the pistol offense; Jim Harbaugh on keys to personnel selection; Les Miles on the red zone attacking offense; Gary Pinkel on building a program the right way; and Dick Toomey on keys to success on third-down defense.

Also includes articles by Bear Bryant on coaching philosophy; Emory Bellard on flexible triple option; Bobby Bowden on coaching football; Lloyd Carr on defending great offensive players; Duffy Daugherty on mental attitude and emotions in football; Joe Paterno on the important things about football; and Tubby Raymond on the ageless Delaware wing-T.

Additional articles by Butch Davis of the University of Miami, Bob Devaney of the University of Nebraska, Paul Dietzel of the University of South Carolina, LaVell Edwards of BYU, Hayden Fry of Iowa, Lou Holtz of Arkansas, Johnny Majors of Tennessee, Tony Mason of Arizona, Bill McCartney of Colorado, and many, many more. Truly an heirloom reference that will inspire, inform, and entertain. Massive 8 1/2 by 11-inch format, and nearly an inch thick.