The New Millennium Offense Series: Vol. #2-Developing the Quarterback

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John Maronto
46 minutes
On February 1, 2008, on National Heart Day, Coach John Maronto underwent double bypass heart surgery that should have left him dead. Through grit and determination, he took the concepts he uses on the football field and applied them to his recovery process, while making the promise to educate and inspire a broader audience of coaches and players who share the same love for the game. Within four months, John was back to coaching full-time. Through this volume, one of four in a series of DVDs he made post-surgery, he is fulfilling his promise to share his knowledge and experiences with a millennium generation of head football coaches, their assistants who inspire to be head coaches, and players who want to challenge and improve their ability to perform on the gridiron.

Coach Maronto has developed 16 HS college scholarship quarterbacks. During his illustrious career, he has worked with some of the most successful quarterbacks and quarterback coaches around the United States. Based on the philosophies of such renowned coaches as Sid Gillman, Bill Walsh, and Jim Harbaugh, The New Millennium Offense Series: Vol. #2-Developing the Quarterback provides individual instruction on the best drills, techniques, and strategies related to preparing the quarterback for actual game-day decision-making and execution.