The Ultimate Quarters-Based Defensive Playbook

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Kenny Ratledge
329 pages
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When contemplating a coverage upon which to base a defensive system, coaches have a veritable smorgasbord of types and styles of coverages to choose from. Obviously, the team’s available personnel and a coach’s knowledge of the scheme are two very important considerations when deciding which coverage(s) are best. Another very important question to ask is—what type of front do you marry to that coverage? A coach can choose to go with an even or odd front system, using a 3-3, 3-4, 4-3, 4-2, 6-1, or 6-2 front, etc. In terms of coverages, a coach can choose to use cover 0, man free, a two deep five under cover 2 look, eight men in the box zone or man coverage with strong safety rotation out of a two-deep look, eight men in the box zone or man with weak rotation by the free safety, three-deep, etc.

When researching defenses, a coach should give pause if testimonials keep popping up such as, “a players’ defense, the mother of all coverages, and looks the same pre-snap but different variations unfold when the ball is snapped.” Other sterling affirmations which this author has seen that should tweak a coach’s curiosity include “one coverage but it has built-in principles that morph into different defensive reactions depending upon the route,” “built-in robber coverage,” and “few techniques but multiple reactions possible.” Of note, all these accolades and many more have been used to describe quarters coverage, but in this particular case the author believes the hype. The quarters coverage system the author develops in this book is based upon the scheme that has been used very effectively for a number of years at Michigan State. The Spartan’s recent success and development into a national powerhouse has been attributed in large measure to the defensive philosophies which have been refined in East Lansing.
The Ultimate Quarters-Based Defensive Playbook, by Kenny Ratledge, will teach you everything you need to know about the implementation and operation of Quarters.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Why Quarters Coverage?
Chapter 2: Defensive System and Nomenclature
Chapter 3: Offensive Identification
Chapter 4: Fronts and Line Movements
Chapter 5: Cover 4 Quarters Read Coverage
Chapter 6: Quarters Trips Adjustments
Chapter 7: Quarters Empty and Quads Adjustments
Chapter 8: Cover 4 Quarters Variations
Chapter 9: Quarters Supplemental Coverages
Chapter 10: Quarters 4-3 Stunts
Chapter 11: Quarters Mustang Package
Chapter 12: Quarters Short-Yardage and Goal Line Defenses
Chapter 13: Quarters Coverage Beaters and Defensive Countermeasures
Chapter 14: Defending Personnel Packages and Formations
Chapter 15: Defending Special Situations
Chapter 16: Quarters Coverage Drills
Chapter 17: Defensive Call Sheet

What coaches are saying:

Coach Ratledge's extraordinary defensive mind is a direct reflection of his passion and love for the game. His will to prepare and have a plan for any situation that might occur during a ball game is un paralleled. He has a unique teaching ability that allows his players to thrive under his tutelage. He has greatly impacted my coaching career and has always served as a valuable resource of knowledge.
 -Daniel Cotter
  Assistant Football Coach, Lindsey Wilson College

Kenny Ratledge has one of the best defensive minds that I've ever seen. I coached against him for many years and finally got smart enough to hire him. I have learned so very much from him that it is unbelievable. This book, without a doubt, will help coaches at all levels.
 -Scott Meadows
  Head Football Coach, Carter High School (TN)

I first met Kenny Ratledge more than 25 years ago when we began coaching against one another, and I have spent countless hours attending coaching clinics with him throughout East Tennessee. Having the opportunity to pick his brain about secondary play has undoubtedly made me a better coach. Kenny is one of the most knowledgeable and organized football coaches I have ever been around. There is no doubt that his new book about quarters coverage will be outstanding.
 -Brian Barrett
  Defensive Back Coach, Dobyns-Bennett High School (TN)

Kenny Ratledge is the most prepared football coach that I've ever been around. His attention to detail while game planning, setting up practice, and adjusting during the game is second to none.
 -Todd Loveday
  Defensive Coordinator, Sevier County High School (TN)