The Unstoppable Motion Offense

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J.J. Guidry
110 pages

The motion offense. One of the most powerful forces in basketball if taught and utilized correctly. It's system of movement and spacing is a perfect way to attack every form of defense, but difficulty teaching and implementing the system has vexed coaches for generations. Here now, The Unstoppable Motion Offense, by JJ Guidry, is a easy to understand manual for coaches of all levels and types of players. Guidry has married philosophies of Bob Knight, Jim Boone, Sherri Coale, Mark Few and Bruce Weber (amongst others) to develop a comprehensive manual which allows for understanding on all levels.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Motion Philosophy
Chapter 2: Motion Principles
Chapter 3: Cutting
Chapter 4: Reading the Down Screen
Chapter 5: 4-Out
Chapter 6: Motion
Chapter 7: L.A.
Chapter 8: Quick Hitters
Chapter 9: Carolina
Chapter 10: 3-Out

What others are saying:

If you are a lover of basketball like I am, you will enjoy reading The Unstoppable Motion Offense by J.J. Guidry. He analyzes each concept that makes up the motion offense and breaks it down into simple terms.
-Dick Vitale
ESPN Analyst
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

With the landscape of our game having lost its way, J.J.’s book should be mandatory reading for all young coaches, players, broadcasters, and even fans! The motion offense requires skill, intelligence, and teamwork. All three are ingredients of winning and eventually championship play. J.J. has nailed the process and deserves loads of credit.
-Bob Hill
Former NBA Head Coach

J.J. Guidry’s book is a tremendous resource for high school coaches who want to run the motion offense. He includes dozens of drills that can be utilized to implement the motion offense, as well as improve your players’ overall skill level and understanding of the game of basketball.
-Kim Mulkey
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Baylor University
2005 & 2012 National Champions

Coach Guidry has put together a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, book on motion offense. The principles are applicable to any level, but high school coaches in particular will love the simplicity, the rules, and the drills, which their players will easily grasp. Well done.
-Fran Fraschilla
ESPN Analyst
Former Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of New Mexico

Coach Guidry has put together a great compilation on motion offense. This book breaks down the offense, gives great drills, and provides insight to incorporate motion into your playbook. The concepts and emphasis on putting pressure on the defense make for high scoring, fun-to-watch basketball.
-Brenda Frese
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Maryland
2006 National Champions

To take the vernacular from another sport, J.J. has hit a home run with his offense. Coaches will love the way he has broken it down and illustrated the drills. If I were still coaching, I know that I would buy this book for both high school and college.
-Lloyd Clark
Retired Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Delta State University
1989, 1990 & 1992 National Champions

Any good offense spreads the defense, and by spreading the defense with Coach Guidry’s motion philosophy, you’re creating great spacing for your team’s success! The Unstoppable Motion Offense is well organized and full of fundamental basketball information that will assist any coach at any level with improving the young people they coach. I really believe that we have lost the ability to play our game effectively without the basketball, and this book will help get your team back to the basics.
-Jason Conner
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Southern University at New Orleans

Coach Guidry’s teams are always difficult to scout and difficult to prepare for. He has taken a complex offensive system and broken it down in a way that makes it easy for any coach to teach and implement the motion offense. His book is a must read for any coach wanting to run the motion offense.
-Thomas Clay
Head Girls’ Basketball Coach
Lorenzo (TX) High School

I spent many hours watching film and working defensive practices trying to stop Coach Guidry’s basketball teams and their ever-changing and evolving motion offense. The players in his systems are always fundamentally sound and difficult to guard. Mastering the basic fundamentals of the motion offense scheme allows his players to be one step ahead of defenses. There’s a counter for every way you plan to stop it, not to mention that you have to expend a lot of energy defensively, which hurts you on the offensive end of the floor. Coach Guidry’s system works, is a fun way to teach the game of basketball, and is adaptable to any type of skill set your players possess.
-Chris Suttle
Head Boys’ Basketball Coach
Crane (TX) High School

I’m delighted to say every coach and player should read this book. In today’s game, we have all of the resources we need as coaches and players, but there are always numerous ways to better ourselves. This book is one of those ways. J.J. highlights the principles of basketball that are important on the offensive side of the game. It’s usually the little things in sports that cost you games (not reading the down screen correctly, not setting a correct screen, not being spaced in your motion offense, etc.), and this book details the little things. It’s a great read for any coach or player.
-Neal Welch
Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach
Crowley (TX) High School

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    Motion Offense

    Posted by Robert Capen on Nov 12th 2020

    Incredible book on how to teach and install a motion offense. Just a tremendous teaching book. Suitable for Junior High School and above. Easy to follow. Great diagrams.