The Unstoppable Motion Offense

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J.J. Guidry
110 pages

The motion offense.  One of the most powerful forces in basketball if taught and utilized correctly.  It's system of movement and spacing is a perfect way to attack every form of defense, but difficulty teaching and implementing the system has vexed coaches for generations.  Here now, "The Unstoppable Motion Offense" by JJ Guidry is a easy to understand manual for coaches of all levels and types of players.  Guidry has married philosophies of Bob Knight, Jim Boone, Sherri Coale, Mark Few and Bruce Weber (amongst others) to develop a comprehensive manual which allows for understanding on all levels. 

Chapters Include:


  • Motion Philosophy
  • Motion Principles
  • Cutting
  • Reading the Down Screen
  • 4-Out
  • Motion
  • L.A.
  • Quick Hitters
  • Carolina
  • 3-Out