The 3-Out/2-In Motion Offense

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Jim Larranaga
51 minutes
The 3-Out/2-In Motion Zone Offense explains and demonstrates how to develop a 3-out/2-in offense that uses motion to create scoring opportunities against any zone and allows a team to flow from man to zone. The DVD features post and perimeter drills that can be utilized to strengthen a motion offense. Appropriate for coaches and teams at all levels of competition, the DVD includes on-court player demonstrations, chalk talk, and game footage.

Among the topics covered:
  • Recognizing the zone defense
  • Build inside-out, not outside-in
  • Perimeter drills (1-on-0)
  • Post drills (1-on-0)
  • Inside/out drills (2-on-0)
  • Back screen drills (2-on-0)
  • UCLA drill
  • "32" trailer post
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