Drills for the 3-Out/2-In Motion Offense

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Bob Thomason
44 minutes
Drills for the 3-Out/2-In Motion Offense offers a useful series of game-tested drills for developing the fundamentals and techniques involved in successfully executing the 3-out/2-in motion offense. The DVD uses on-the-court player demonstrations to help explain and illustrate how coaches can best utilize these instructional drills to develop the skills essential for the 3-out/2-in motion offense.

Among the topics covered:
  • Pivot foot
  • Triple threat
  • Driving
  • Stride stop
  • Backdoor
  • Down-screen series
  • Triangle
  • Dribble rubs
  • On-ball screen
  • Relocation game
  • Penetrate the ball
  • Post away
  • Catching bad passes