The 4-Out/1-In Motion Offense

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Mike Adras
36 minutes

The 4-Out/1-In Motion Offense provides an overview of the offense that is designed to open the lane for penetration, create numerous back-cut and give-and-go opportunities, isolate the post player in scoring situations, and create open shots for a team's best shooters. Using on-the-court player demonstrations, the DVD explains and shows how to help players read defenses, set effective screens, and create good spacing within the motion. Featuring an extensive array of breakdown drills and game footage, the DVD discusses why this offense is especially effective for quick teams.

Among the topics covered:

  • Setting up the 4-out/1-in
  • The six cuts
  • The back cut
  • The curl cut
  • The fade technique
  • The flare cut
  • The basket cut
  • Offensive teaching progression
  • The post player