Training For The 800M

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Scott Abbott
59 minutes

Training For The 800M offers resource for track and field coaches who want to maximize the training efforts of their middle-distance runners. The DVD details the key factors involved in developing 800M runners, including suggestions on how coaches can identify athletes with the potential for being successful in the 800M. The DVD also discusses how to create the right environment and culture for training 800M runners. In addition, the DVD reviews ideas and insights for training athletes in the 800M, given the uniqueness of the event. The DVD also outlines how coaches can plan the training year for their 800M runners, as well as details basic considerations attendant to mastering the tactics for this event.

Among the topics covered:

• Indentifying athletes for the 800m
• Creating the right environment
• Training the athlete for the uniqueness of the 800m
• Planning the year
• Understanding/mastering the tactics of the 800m
• Developing your approach
• Final takeaways