Training Thrower to Peak Performance

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Tony Ciarelli
89 minutes
Training Thrower to Peak Performance features one of the most respected throws coaches in the United States providing information, ideas, and insights concerning what throws coaches can do to bring their athlete to maximum performance. The DVD outlines the three key elements of sports training preparation-general physical preparation (all-around development of the athlete), specific preparation (activation of the functions and body systems on which the main sports movements depend), and specific developmental exercise (duplication of various aspects of the competitive event). The DVD also details several training plans, including a long- term plan, a yearly plan, and a variety of training cycles. In addition, the DVD reviews the basic phases of an annual preparation training program.

Among the topics covered: 

• General physical preparation 
• Specific preparation exercise 
• Training plans 
• Throwing 
• Block periodization 
• Annual preparation chart 
• Early accumulation phase 
• Late accumulation phase 
• Transmutation phase 
• Realization phase