Transitioning NFL Concepts to High School Football

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Vince Suriano
84 minutes
Transitioning NFL Concepts to High School Football looks at a number of the concepts and principles of the offensive systems that are employed in the NFL, details how they differ from those utilized at either the high school or college level, and discusses how these unique approaches could help coaches at these lower competitive levels. Among the factors covered in the video are changing the route depths of receivers, moving the tailback around, using double-moves, designating the gaps in the zone read, designating the bubble by code, teaching the 2x2 passing game by half-field concepts, teaching the passing game to the quarterback by board, reversing pass protections, and designating landmarks on the field.

Among the topics covered: 

• Change route depths 
• Running back movement 
• Double-moves 
• Zone-gap read designation 
• Designate bubble by code 
• 2 x 2 passing game 
• Teaching the passing game to your quarterback 
• Reverse pass protection 
• Landmarks on the field