USA Football: Coaching Football Beyond the X's and O's

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USA Football
143 pages

USA Football: Coaching Football Beyond the X's and O's, brought to you by ESPN and USA Football, takes you beyond the X's and O's of football with strategies to help build and maintain a successful program. Topics covered include staff development, team chemistry, conflict resolution, use of social media, handling adversity, time management, developing a coaching style, and motivation.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Building a Championship Football Program
Chapter 2: Building a Feeder Program
Chapter 3: Developing a Quality Staff
Chapter 4: Connecting the Program to the Community
Chapter 5: Working with Parents
Chapter 6: Developing Team Chemistry
Chapter 7: Selecting Team Captains
Chapter 8: Motivating Different Types of Athletes
Chapter 9: Being a Mentor
Chapter 10: Managing Time
Chapter 11: Developing a Coaching Style
Chapter 12: Being an Effective Communicator
Chapter 13: Handling Adversity
Chapter 14: Dealing with Conflict
Chapter 15: Being a Great Teacher
Chapter 16: Using Social Media
Chapter 17: Gaining an Advantage Through Technology
Chapter 18: Mapping a Career Path
Chapter 19: Build an Emergency Action Plan