Using a Tight End to Create Surface Changes

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Rich Hargitt
50 minutes
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In Using a Tight End to Create Surface Changes, Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovator of RPO (Run Pass Option) football, and current Head Coach at Emmett High School in Boise, Idaho, discusses the Tight End’s role in his offense, and how to move them around in your offense to create “Surface Changes.” Coach Hargitt defines “Surface Changes,” how to exploit different levels of defense, and routes for the tight ends to be successful. Additionally, Coach Hargitt outlines the terminology and play calls for tight ends in the RPO system. Finally, Coach Hargitt uses film cut-ups to illustrate these concepts.

Topics covered include:

• Creating “Surface Changes”
• Defining Surface Changes
• The Tight End’s Role in RPOs
• Routes For Tight Ends
• Tight End Motion
• Play Calling Utilizing the Tight End
• Offensive Terminolog
• Film Cut-Ups