Utilizing Mechanical Advantages in the Weight Room

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Petros Kyprianou
55 minutes

Utilizing Mechanical Advantages in the Weight Room discusses the fact that training in the weight room should be appropriate and relevant to track & field training outside. The DVD points out the six key considerations regarding sports performance strength training, as well as outlines four specific adaptations that can occur toward improvement of performance. The DVD also reviews the two underlying fundamental concepts of training theory. Furthermore, the DVD examines the basic factors involved in developing performance-specific strength. Finally, the DVD details a sample annual strength training plan that coaches can employ with their athletes.

Among the topics covered:

  • Understanding sports performance strength training
  • Specific adaptations toward improvement of performance
  • Fundamental concepts of training theory
  • Performance-specific strength
  • Targeting the gears of performance-the hips and core
  • The 6-week proprioception & kinesthesia technique
  • Sample annual plan