Villanova Offensive Line Fundamentals and Techniques

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Sean Devine
58 minutes
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Filmed at the 2019 PSFCA Conference, Villanova Offensive Line Fundamentals and Techniques covers a variety of topics on offensive line play. Villanova Offensive Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach Sean Devine starts with an overview of basic offensive line fundamentals and techniques, from stance to footwork, and then goes in depth on the concepts behind successful offensive line play. Coach Devine discusses blocking schemes, formations, and position-specific roles lineman have in different play types. Additionally, Coach Devine reviews how linemen can identify defensive plays by formation and post-snap movement, as well as how to make adjustments on the fly.

Topics include:

• Basic Offensive Line Fundamentals
• Footwork
• Blocking Techniques
• Man and Zone Blocking
• Downfield Blocks
• Blocking Formations
• Pass and Run Blocking Schemes
• How to Correctly Identify Plays
• In-game Adjustments