Who Coached the Coaches?

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Pat Williams and Andrew Herdliska
142 pages
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Successful coaches are a byproduct of many factors, particularly the individuals who have had a significant influence on their lives. In this fascinating, one-of-a-kind book, Who Coached the Coaches?, Pat Williams looks at the issue of whether coaches had a key person who had a major impact in them becoming a coach.

Featuring a profound collection of over 400 collegiate and professional coaches, Who Coached the Coaches? details who the primary influencer was in the life of each of these individuals—who inspired them to become a better coach. From Gregg Popovich to Mike Krzyzewski, from Andy Reid to Tony Dungy, from Aaron Boone to Bruce Bochy, this engrossing compilation of backstories sheds light on the forces that helped guide these accomplished individuals on their journey to be a coach.

In an easy-to-read manner, Who Coached the Coaches? presents what each coach said to Pat as he went about his research. No fluff. No filler. Just pure coach talk. A must-have resource for sports fans everywhere. Written by Pat Williams, one of America’s top motivational and inspirational speakers—author of more than 140 books on a variety of biographical, inspirational, and sports-related topics.