Wide Receiver Drills for Building Great Routes

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Dave Brunner
46 minutes

Wide Receiver Drills for Building Great Routes features a series of proven drills that coaches can use to develop the ability of their wide receivers to run routes effectively, each drill is explained and demonstrated in a straightforward manner. The DVD also reviews several of the key factors involved in proper route running, including types of routes that wide receivers should be taught and examples of common releases that wide receivers should master. The DVD is appropriate for coaches, teams, and wide receivers at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered:

• Routes for consideration
• Cuts to be taught
• Drills-quick-game footwork
• Drills-quick-game catching
• Drills-quick three footwork
• Drills-footwork and catching for landmark routes
• Release-widen and slip
• Release-hard inside
• Release-press

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