Win The Day: The Ultimate Coach's Guide to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

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Jerry Lynch, Ph.D.
264 pages
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Win the Day, by Dr. Jerry Lynch, is a book about the power of connection, caring, and core values in a successful team culture. It is a book that will help you to create, model, and sustain what championship teams, like the Seahawks and Warriors, do on a daily basis. To achieve success in sports, one must believe a team's culture has to be connective, caring, and authentic, one way or another. It must come from the heart and soul of the coach and the athletes. 

Lynch captures that important dynamic perfectly in Win the Day, his seminal project in a long, distinguished career in sports, and helps you to implement its guiding principles. Lynch has written 13 books and aided 115 championship teams in 30 years of culture work at the pro and college level. He has aided teams such as the Chicago Bulls, and coach Phil Jackson, as well as the multiple champion Golden State Warriors, and coach Steve Kerr whom provides an insightful foreword here. 

Win the Day is a book that every coach, athlete, CEO, and leader in any aspect of life should read to understand how to best build a Win the Day culture for a team s or an organization s ultimate success.

What Coaches Are Saying:

"This book is about the power of connection, caring, and core values in a successful team culture, much like the Warriors. Jerry helps me to pass on his Win the Day philosophy to our Warrior culture. His book is one to be read by every coach, athlete, CEO, and leader to help understand how to best build and sustain a championship culture." 
--Steve Kerr, Head Coach, Three-time NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to stay informed by Jerry Lynch. His books have made a big difference in helping me and my athletes reach our potential in many ways, including culture development." 
--Phil Jackson, 11-time NBA World Champion Coach and Athlete

Dr. Lynch's innovative approach to the relationship game is profound, perceptive, and unparalleled in the world of athletics." 
--Quin Snyder, Head Coach, NBA Utah Jazz

"There is nothing more important to becoming a great team than creating a caring culture, which provides the trust and solidarity that individuals need to become emotionally committed to each other and to the quest for excellence. Win The Day provides so much practical wisdom for developing a caring culture that every coach at every level can learn from it. It is a wonderful book, a gift from an inspirational teacher and writer who has helped countless professional and college teams win championships. Jerry Lynch has written a masterpiece and we are all better for it."
-- Jim Thompson, Founder and CEO, Positive Coaching Alliance