Wing-T: Itemization of the Cross-Block Belly From Multiple Sets

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Paul Connor
62 minutes

Wing-T: Itemization of the Cross-Block Belly From Multiple Sets provides a detailed overview of the individual techniques involved in running one of the staple plays of the Wing-T system. The DVD explains how to execute the cross-block belly play within the context of using multiple formations vs. odd and even fronts. The DVD also explains how this play can be employed in a variety of ways, forcing defenses to prepare for many approaches of attack.

Among the topics covered:

  • Itemization
  • Key breaker
  • Cross-block belly from an unbalanced formation
  • Utilizing motions
  • Scheme variations
  • Attacking a 52 front
  • Attacking an 8-man front
  • Attacking a flex defense

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    Solid Concepts

    Posted by Jake Hanes on Jul 11th 2018

    The video does what it sets out to do. Basically, I felt like as a Wing-T coach it gave me a lot of different ways to think about the Cross-Block. Not all of them are things that I would do, but it started the ball rolling as far as things that are possible. I feel it was worth the money. Would've given it 5 if there was more film clips of what he was talking about, as opposed to just chalk talk.