Winning Defensive Line Play: Vol. #4-Pass-Rush Moves and Drills

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Mike London
42 minutes

Winning Defensive Line Play: Vol. #4-Pass-Rush Moves and Drills provides an overview of proven pass-rush moves that defensive linemen can use to help them get to the quarterback. The DVD explains how defensive linemen can protect their box by utilizing hand swat-and swipe techniques against offensive linemen. The DVD details what the most dangerous threat is for an offensive pass protector, as well as what a defensive linemen should do when he's stuck in a rip move. The DVD also features a series of proven drills that are designed to develop the fundamentals, skills, and techniques that are required for an effective pass rush.

Among the topics covered:

  • Pass-rush gauntlet-progression drill
  • Speed-to-power move
  • One-arm post move
  • Bull-rush moves
  • Ball-disruption drill
  • Hand-reaction drill
  • Hand-knockdown drill
  • QB-in-pocket drill