Defensive Line Pass Rush Technique and Drills

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DeChon Burns
81 minutes
Defensive Line Pass Rush Technique and Drills offers an exceptional resource for coaches who want to improve the ability of their defensive linemen to rush the passer. The DVD explains and demonstrates a number of effective pass rush techniques, with a particular emphasis on the use of hands to defect the blocker. The DVD features a dozen drills that can be implemented in practice to enhance the pass-rush skills of defensive linemen.
Among the topics covered:
• Tai Chi drill
• Running-the-line drill
• 3-point placement drill
• High-block drill
• Chop drill
• Chop-to-high block drill
• Swipe drill
• Forearm knock-off drill
• Julius Peppers drill
• Long-arm stab drill
• Double-arm ball rush drill
• Long-arm, single-wrist bull-rush drill

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