Defensive Line Pass Rush Techniques and Drills

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Robin Ross
78 minutes

Defensive Line Pass Rush Techniques and Drills provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in defensive linemen being able to effectively rush the quarterback. Featuring one of the most respected coaches in the game, the video addresses why in order to be successful at pass rushing, defensive linemen must outhustle and outhit their opponents, as well as be mentally tough at all times. The video not only explains and demonstrates two of the most common techniques for rushing the passer (speed rush and power rush), it also details how defensive linemen can effectively counter any moves attempted by offensive linemen. In addition, the video discusses and demonstrates how defensive linemen should use their hands when pass rushing.

Among the topics covered:

• Outhustle, outhit, and be mentally tough
• Performance charts
• Defensive linemen characteristics
• Speed rush
• Power rush
• Counter techniques
• Using your hands
• Drills/film cut-ups