Winning Pass Protection Drills

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Billy Best
38 minutes

Winning Pass Protection Drills features more than a dozen game-tested drills that coaches can utilize to develop the pass-protection technique and skills of their offensive linemen. While the drills are geared toward big-split offensive line play, they are also suitable for offensive linemen who employ more traditional splits. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-execute manner. The DVD is appropriate for coaches, teams, and offensive linemen at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered:

• Down-the-line drill
• Speed-square drill
• Speed-kink drill
• Zig-zag sets drill
• Mirror-dodge drill
• Drunk drill
• Inside-hand drill
• Bull-pull drill
• Combo-rush drill
• Set-punch drill
• Baseball-punch drill
• Punch-circuit drill
• Sumo drill
• Beat drill
• Dead-rush drill


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