​Why Use RPOs in your Offense?

Posted by Rich Hargitt on Dec 25th 2018

Some offensive strategists hypothesize that a playbook can be constructed with a quick screen or a quick pass attached to almost every run play in an offense’s arsenal. The evolution of the&nbsp … read more

The Three Blocking Schemes Alabama Uses in Every Game

Posted by Mike Young on Jul 8th 2018

Alabama's offense relies on a lot of motion. In fact, according to offensive line coach Brent Key, the Tide used some kind of jet sweep motion on about 30% of their plays during the 2016 season.The pr … read more

Three Questions You Must Ask Before Installing An Offense

Posted by Mike Young on Jun 20th 2018

Fall camp is getting closer and closer, and very soon coaches across the country will need to start putting their offensive plan into place (if they haven't already started). Still, if you're wit … read more