3-4 Okie Defense (Base Clinic)

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Scott Shafer
67 minutes

3-4 Okie Defense (Base Clinic) reviews the fundamentals and techniques involved in effectively employing a 3-4 Okie defense, particularly in passing situations. The DVD explains base alignments and assignments of the 3-4 vs. multiple offensive formations. The focus is on implementing base coverages to match-up with the 3-man front employed by the 3-4. The DVD also examines how the 3-4 Okie defense can be utilized against the proliferation of spread offenses currently in vogue.

Among the topics covered:

  • Flying to the ball
  • Personnel in the 3-4 Okie
  • Alignments: "chaos look"
  • Okie alignment looks
  • Okie cover 2 robber
  • Okie cover 2 robber cut-ups
  • Okie cover 4 spy