3-4 Okie Defense (Pressure Package)

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Scott Shafer
69 minutes

3-4 Okie Defense (Pressure Package) examines the pressure aspect of the 3-4 defense. Alignments and assignments, selecting personnel, and how to exert man pressure and fire-zone pressure from the 3-4 are reviewed. The DVD covers the total spectrum of pressure from an all-out 7-man scheme to 4-, 5-, and 6-man pressure from an Okie 3-4 alignment. The DVD breaks down the rules of the defense from the front to the coverage, which enables defensive squads to be multiple vs. spread offensive schemes.

Among the topics covered:

  • Flying to the ball
  • Personnel in the 3-4 Okie
  • Alignments "chaos look"
  • Okie alignment looks
  • 3-4 Okie pressure package
  • Storm and monsoon cut-ups
  • Fire zone from the Okie 3-4
  • The fire and blaze blitz
  • Okie fire/blaze cut-ups
  • Okie smoke
  • Okie smoke cut-ups