Zone-Pressure Package for the 3-3 Defense

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John Rice
33 minutes

Zone-Pressure Package for the 3-3 Defense presents an in-depth overview of the key elements involved in employing a zone-pressure package. The DVD details how to coordinate 2-deep, 3-deep, and other game concepts with pressure. The DVD also reviews how teams can disguise zone pressure, as well as how they can disguise and defend voided zones. In addition, the DVD offers specific strategies for attacking various types pf pass protections.

Among the topics covered:

  • Why fire zones?
  • Defensive structure
  • 3-deep fire zone pressure
  • 33 crazy
  • 33 red
  • 33 crazy show
  • 33 crazy stunts
  • Fire zones; ram/lion as hole player
  • 33 tiger
  • 33 double-cross ram
  • 33 double-cross lion
  • 33 laser ram
  • Buddy fire zones
  • Cover 2 fire zones