Attack 4-3 Defense (Pressure Package)

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Scott Shafer
84 minutes

Attack 4-3 Defense (Pressure Package) details the attack mentality of the pressure package from a 4-3 alignment. The DVD covers both man-to-man pressures and fire-zone pressures. The DVD also teaches the base alignments and assignments of the 4-3 defense, followed by personnel decisions and an Xs and Os explanation of both man and zone schemes. The DVD reviews a variety of fundamental techniques associated with fire-zone concepts, ranging from playing deep 1/3s blitz techniques to press-man techniques.

Among the topics covered:

  • Philosophy of attack 4-3 defense
  • Personnel selection and migration
  • Show base alignments disguise pressure
  • Fire-zone coverage, 3-over-3 concepts
  • Good/bad drops
  • Blitz packages
  • Birds-blitz package