4-4 Defense vs. the Fly Offense

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Buck Roggeman
65 minutes

4-4 Defense vs. the Fly Offense presents a thorough description of how to read and defend the fly offense using the 4-4. The DVD includes an overview of the fly offense, a discussion of alignment and reads for the 4-4, and keys for reading run plays in the fly offense. Among the plays covered in the DVD are three kinds of sweeps, the halfback counter drive, the fullback trap, the halfback long counter, the lead play to the strongside, the lead play to the weakside, and the quick toss. Secondary and linebacker adjustments that can be employed against the fly offense are also discussed.

Among the topics covered:

  • Keys to defending the fly
  • Overview of the fly offense
  • 4-4 alignment and position keys
  • Defending basic run plays
  • Defensive variations