8-Man Power

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Dave Keller
47 minutes
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In 8-Man Power, Dave Keller, head coach of Greenville High School (CA) discusses the power offensive scheme in 8-man football. Coach Keller outlines the formations and plays he uses in this scheme, as well as the specific positional responsibilities. Additionally, coach Keller details his philosophy for HB, QB, and WR running plays, WR route running, and how to put stress on the opposing defenses. Finally, coach Keller conducts a question-and-answer session with his audience.

Topics covered include:

• Power game in 8-man football
• Base formations
• QB running plays
• WR route combinations
• HB runs and screen plays
• Beating man and zone coverages
• "Stressing the defense”
• Offensive line responsibilities
• Question-and-answer session