A Winning Pre-Game Warm-Up and Drill Routine for Pitchers

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Karl Kuhn
37 minutes

A Winning Pre-Game Warm-Up and Drill Routine for Pitchers provides a cookbook compilation of exercises and activities that pitchers can perform to get ready to pitch. The DVD explains that each pitcher should be allowed to select the activities for his pre-game routine from this series of activities that he feels best prepares him to succeed on the mound. The DVD points out that the first exercise should be those that enable the pitcher to elevate his core body temperature. Next the pitcher should choose from a variety of types of exercises that are designed to wake his body up-from his feet to his fingertips. In addition, the DVD includes several examples of skill activities (done with and without a catcher) that should be part of the pitchers pre-game routine.

Among the topics covered:

  • Core body warm-up
  • Cord warm-up
  • Upper-body cord warm-up
  • Light dumbbell routine
  • Skill work
  • Towel drill
  • Knee drill
  • Step behinds
  • Pre-game routine
  • Bounce drill
  • Skill work with a catcher