AFCA Buzz Session Bundle

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The AFCA Buzz Session Bundle includes 22 recorded sessions (22 total DVDs) from the 2020 AFCA Convention. This bundle covers all facets of the game - offense, defense and special teams - providing entire coaching staffs instruction, drills, and strategy to pull from.



Included in the bundle are the following titles:

Strength and Conditioning for Football Fitness


Strength and Conditioning Programming for Football Fitness


Traps, Whams, and Bluffs


Alabama A&M Offensive Line Fundamentals


Drop Back Concepts for Wide Receivers 


Drills and Techniques for Tight End Success


The Complete Kicking Game


Drill Segments for Kickers and Punters


AFCA Chalk War: Down and Distance


Hand Combat for Football


UNLV Running Game Philosophy, Fundamentals, and Implementation


Running Back Skills And Drills


University of Tulsa Defensive Backs Philosophy, Skills, and Techniques


Drill Spin Technique for Defensive Backs


The Linebacker Coaches Handbook


How the Iowa Hawkeye Defense is Built


Defensive Line Drills, Formations, and Techniques


Defensive Line Fundamentals and Techniques


Special Teams From A-Z: Philosophy, Installation, Drills, and Game-Planning


The Complete Wide Receiver


Special Operations: A New Spin on the Kicking Game


Alabama A&M Wide Receiver Essentials