AFCA Chalk War: Down and Distance

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Don Colgan and Ryan O’Flaherty
50 minutes
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AFCA presents Chalk War! A new format to the instructional line-up, AFCA Chalk War: Down and Distance involves two well-respected coaches matching wits against in each other in various down and distance scenarios. Coaches Don Colgan (Annandale HS, VA) and Ryan O’Flaherty (St. Peter’s Prep, NJ) face off in a number of situations, such as 1st-and-10, 2nd-and-Short, and 3rd-and-Long, discussing play-calling, the various formations being run on offense and defense, making adjustments, and pre-snap reads. This video offers a new look at game-day play-calling on both sides of the ball.

Topics covered include:

• 10 and 11 Offensive Formations
• Spreading the Defense Horizontally
• Pre-Snap Reads
• Down and Distance-Specific Plays
• Offensive Adjustments
• Quarters Coverage
• Cover 3
• Defensive Adjustments
• Defending vs. Down and Distance
• Diagnosis Offensive Plays