Athletic Development: Revisiting Principles of Training

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Jim Radcliffe
48 minutes
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In Athletic Development: Revisiting Principles of Training, Jim Radcliffe, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Oregon, reviews a number of training principles and how to incorporate them into your program. Radcliffe outlines how to create programs that are accessible to all athletes, as well as how to customize them based on the events they participate in. Additionally, Radcliffe details a variety of principles and approaches that apply to training athletes across all track and field events. Finally, Radcliffe discusses how to avoid specialization and how specialization can lead to injuries and poor development.

Topics covered include:

• Basic Training Concepts
• Science of Coaching vs. Art of Coaching
• Situational Training
• Conscientious Activity
• Gradual Increase
• Principle of Sensualization
• Progressive Approach to Training
• Differential Rehearsal
• Avoiding Specialization Overload